Make your Wedding One of a Kind!

Example of Custom Wedding Cake Topper

Whatever your need is, all things are possible!  

- Ceremonial Glass Fusion Sculpture-(Bride and groom choose 2 colors in glass bits and the artist sends the glass small glass colored bits to the bride and groom to mix during the ceremony. Then the artist makes a glass piece out of the 2 different color glass bits. A special way to remember your union with a beautiful piece of glass art.  Bride and groom also help with the design of the one of a kind custom piece of glass.) 
- Gifts for every guest-ex: cups, flowers, birds, etc..
- Sculptural Cake Topper- Artist will work with you personally on the design and colors.
-  Bridesmaids Flowers-  Single flowers or bouquets of glass flowers.  
- Special Gifts for Bridesmaids/Groomsmen and or other special wedding guests- ex: vases, whiskey glass, wine goblet
- Custom Champaign Flutes-  for bride and groom, wedding party or all your guests.  

Contact us now about how we can make your dreams for your special day come true. 


We can even make photo books with images of your lovely work and it being made as well for an additional charge.



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