Degrees // 

Bachelor of Fine Art Degree with Focus in Glass, at Appalachian Center for Crafts at Tennessee Technological University :: 2009

General Associates Degree with Focus in Art, Tidewater Community College :: 2005

Apprenticeships // 

Apprenticed with Maestro Oscar Zanetti and Arnaldo Zanella at Zanetti Murano Glass Art, Murano, Italy :: 2010-2011

Workshops // 

 + Fictional Characters, Hot torch and furnace, with Danny White, Appalachian Center for Crafts::2014

 + Continual Open Access to Pino Signorettos' working studio, Murano, Italy :: 2011

 + Teachers Assistant for Cane making and cane working with Andrea Zilio, Abate Zanetti, School of Glass, Murano, Italy :: 2011

 + Murrine and Cane working, Davide Salvadore, Corning Museum of Glass Studios, Corning, NY :: 2008

 + Patterns on Cane and Cane Roll-ups with Claire and Anthony Schaeffermeyer, Appalachian Center for Crafts :: 2008

 + Glass Blowing with Livio Serena, Abate Zanetti School of Glass, Murano, Italy :: 2007

 + Gral Stuff Cups and Large Blown Sculpture with John Miller, Appalachian Center for Crafts :: 2007

 + WaterSlide Decals Pickups and Presentation with Amy Ruffert, Appalachian Center for Crafts :: 2006

 + Blown Sculpture and Powders with Randy Walker, Appalachian Center for Crafts :: 2005


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