John Almaguer first decided he wanted to try glassblowing in his early teens.   Years later he finally got a chance to try out glassblowing for himself.  When John took his first gather of glass he felt like a little kid in a candy store, and has been creating with glass ever since. This fire dancer creates sculptures and blown forms through this substance that is much like lava.

John has received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Glass, won multiple awards for his work, and his work is collected around the world.  Almaguer also apprenticed in Murano, Venice, where John lived and worked directly before he came to Asheville, NC, where he currently makes his work and lives with his wife and kids.

Artist Statement

Creating something that has never been seen before excites me.  I make unseen things come alive in the manifest realm.  What a joy to dance this dance of creating works that God dreamt of making through me long before I even breathed. And now I breathe, and art is formed.   - John Almaguer


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