Lighting is something that is of utmost important in creating an atmosphere.   Soft, bright or mood lighting creates a setting for others to enter into as they walk into your space.  John has worked with home owners, interior designers, builders and designer to create custom lighting for every need.   John specializes in creating very custom lighting for the finest of spaces but also does pendant lights for homes of the more modest budgets.

Glass Antler Chandelier

These antlers are solid sculpted clear glass.   
The antlers glow using fiber optic principles.  
The lighting within the metal shines through the body of the antlers.
Residence of Park City, Utah 

Lighting for East 79th Manhattan Residence by New World Design Builders

Image by New World Design Builders

These lights use fiber optic principles.
Glass glows from lights hidden in the metal cone hardware.
The conch like forms have leather strips lining the grooves.

Lighting for "Pressed" Juice Bar, Boston

by New World Design Builders
Image by New World Design Builders

Glass globes suspended by antique ice tongs which are
suspended by leather straps that connect to the ceiling mount.
Image of owner of Pressed Boston and his father

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