In Italian,  the word "aspettando" means "waiting", or "remaining in expectation".  This work, highly influenced by Almaguer's time in Murano exemplifies modern Venetian forms as well as some color applications seen in some American glass work.  This body communicates in a multifaceted way the idea of waiting.   The very body is first blown hot with these layers of color.  After some waiting for the pieces to slowing cool down during the annealing process the pieces are ready to take out of the oven.  But, at this point they are still not ready to carve as the slight warmth in the pieces and the cold water used along with the diamond wheels that carve the glass could cause a possible fracture in the glass.   The glass then must wait a further amount of time till the inside, and the outside of the glass has reached room temperature.  It is at this point that the piece is ready to carve with the diamond embedded wheels.   The cutting through the outer layer of color exposes the under color, adding texture and design to the surface of the piece.  The cutting with the diamond wheel is done by holding the glass piece in ones hands against the wheel as the wheel spins on a lathe.


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